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Arimino Sherpa Design Treatment D2

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Arimino Sherpa Design Treatment D2 ARIMINO HAIR CARE TREATMENT
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Sherpa" Home Care & Treatment Shampoo and lineup to match the characteristics of each hair style, hair care, and after treatment to protect the hair from damage life to sustain hair style all day long. By keeping a good state of hair, hair hair design shines grant, the next time you go to the salon, I'm sure it will be fun. Home care is an entirely new "hair design ideas."
ARIMINO Sherpa Treatment Supple D2

Design Effects care

in style with a sense of unity(short to medium)
in style with a sense of fluffy Bouncy (Medium-Long)
For those who Pasatsuku ordinary hairs and bristles

hydrophobic to bind strongly to the hair one hair and catechin polyphenols (protein), loose.

contain about 80% oleic acid, which is the most abundant in two avocado oil sebum. Highly adsorbed, to give smooth shine and elasticity.

3 has a composition close to the sebum oil, jojoba oil has excellent moisturizing effect amenable to hair.

Direction for use
- Massage treatment into hair, avoiding scalp
- Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Sherpa Design Supple After Treatment.


250g /1000ml

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